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Managing Attendance Print

Managing attendance is more than keeping track of days that employees are absent! Managing attendance also means taking positive actions to reduce the number of days lost.

A certain level of employee absence is unavoidable in the workplace, as people are ill, attend to family responsibilities, or feel uninspired. Employers are able to reduce the amount of absence caused by the workplace. They can also reduce absence due to sickness by proactive management. Small and medium sized employers can learn from HR practitioners who are managing absence.

A good work culture is critical for the success of any action taken to manage absence. When employees feel respected and engaged in the workplace, they are absent less often. The main driver of employee engagement is good management, which is key to employees feeling valued and involved.

An attendance policy needs to emphasize both preventing ‘illegitimate’ absence while also providing support to those who are ‘legitimately’ absent and helping them return to work.


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