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This is a photo of a job fair

Some of the more traditional ways employers have used to attract applications are still being used. They include:

  1. Newspaper Advertising: Job advertisements in local or national newspapers. For a listing of all newspapers in Newfoundland and Labrador, click one of the following links:
  2. Help Wanted Posters: Help wanted posters are inexpensive and can attract a wide range of applications. If using this method, listing the specific skills you need may reduce the number of unqualified applicants and save you some time.
  3. Employment Agencies: When a successful candidate is hired through such an agency, you (the employer) pay a fee based on the type and level of the position. Check the Yellow Pages for listings in your area.
  4. Temporary Help Agencies: Temporary help agencies can be found in a variety of industries including accounting, health services, trades, information technology and sales. Check the yellow pages for listings in your area.

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