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Now that you have prepared a written understanding of the job itself, you can decide on the requirements of the job. The table below will help you in identifying some of them

Skills Must the candidate be skilled in the use of any particular machines? Technical work? Statistics? Any particular trade? Can you provide any on-the-job training in any of those areas, if needed?
Work Experience What type of experience in related job functions is needed? How much experience is needed?
Education Does this job call for university education? Technical training? College education? Trades training? Certification? Is any specific training needed for your workplace? Can you provide any of this training in-house?
Communication Skills What kind of communication will be needed in this job? For example, telephone skills, report preparation, supervising other people, dealing with customers, etc.
Dealing with Stress Specify any kinds of pressures that a person might have to deal with; for example, daily deadlines, difficult working conditions, round-the-clock sessions, etc.
Physical Strength Does the job require any heavy or repetitive lifting or hard physical work? If so, is this regularly or occasionally?
Accuracy of Work If you are including “attention to detail”, be sure to specify the type of detail work that is involved
Special Factors Include any special requirements, such as second language fluency, willingness to work overtime on short notice, willingness to travel, willingness to work weekends, etc.

Occupational profiles for hundreds of jobs in Newfoundland and Labrador are available at the following link. You can choose the type of job and the types of information you are seeking.

gi_59164_smartforceIf you would like help deciding if you should add employees to your workforce check out the When is the right time to hire course in the Hiring Process bundle on Smartforce NL at


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