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This is a photo of two young employees

Attracting skilled employees when job markets are tight is challenging, especially for smaller businesses. Employees are more likely to be lured away and more difficult to replace than in the past.

In those conditions, workers can choose their employers, so it is important that you use your job posting to attract them to your company. You can use the following checklist to remind you of what your company has to offer and include some of the key benefits in your job posting.



  • Opportunity to learn on the job and to keep on learning
  • Schedules that fit the employee’s lifestyle
  • Mutual respect and support
  • Chance to take initiative and see a project through
  • Meaningfulness in work
  • Variety in the work
  • Opportunity to work from home on occasion (telecommuting)
  • Opportunity for promotion – an attractive future
  • Opportunity to take on more responsibility
  • Chance to be involved with decision- making
  • Opportunity to work with senior managers
  • A fun work environment
  • Personally rewarding work
  • Job security
  • An informal, non-bureaucratic workplace
  • A relaxed dress code
  • A safe and healthy work environment
  • Reasonable job demands
  • Competitive wages that are considered fair for the job
  • Annual leave
  • Family or sick leave
  • Health Care benefits
  • Child Care – low cost, cooperative, etc.
  • Special perks - birthday celebrations, social club, day off on birthday, family events, etc.
  • Paid gym or club memberships
  • Tuition support
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Free uniforms

If you refer to some of these items in your job postings or your interviews, be sure to be realistic – don’t over or under sell your company.


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