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This is a photo of a training session

Did you know that half of an employee’s skills are outdated within three to five years?

In order to have a business that is fully functional and productive, smart business owners train and develop their employees. When opportunities exist within the company for promotions, upgrading employee skill sets and keeping track of staff that have developed the required skills will ensure that you, as the business owner, will be able to choose the employee that is the best fit for the position.

Other benefits of training and development include:

  • Less employee turnover
  • Financial gain as a result of increased productivity
  • Less need for supervision

Create Opportunities

What is Training?

Training is an activity that provides an employee with the knowledge, skills and ability that is necessary to succeed in their current or future job. Training could be required as a result of new technology being introduced, changes in the job related tasks or processes, issues with current performance or because the employee is new to the job.

What is Development?

Development is generally an activity associated with providing existing employees with new skills, abilities and knowledge that will help build their capability within an organization. For instance a developmental opportunity could be cross training between different divisions within an organization so that several employees are capable of covering off in various divisions should the need arise. Development opportunities can be used to assist with promotion and could include programs that help selected employees acquire managerial skills in the event of a managerial opening within the company. Some employers use development as a tool for keeping workers.

What is Promotion?

Promotion is the advancement of an employee within an organization. It could mean a change in job, pay and/or benefits. Generally employees earn promotions as a result of job performance or because the employee has demonstrated the skills and abilities required for the new position.


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