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Employers understand that young people are essential to the future of their businesses and to the economy of Newfoundland and Labrador. However, many employers are having difficulty attracting young people, and even more difficulty in motivating and retaining them. It is common to hear employers say that “young people just don’t work the same way as we used to”. The reality is that many of the challenges associated with finding and keeping young workers are due to more fundamental and generational differences in how young people communicate and their work-life expectations.

Today’s generation of young people are the “Net” Generation. If you want to attract and keep these young workers, you need to understand their communication styles and expectations, and then create a workplace environment and practices that respond to their needs. Some employers have already implemented practices and procedures with young people in mind. You can too. This section will provide guides and suggestions that you can use to help create attractive workplaces for young workers.

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