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Youth Retention

Youth represent the future of business. Employers in Newfoundland and Labrador are examining their current hiring practices to ensure that any positions they have are attractive to young people.

The province recently launched the Youth Retention and Attraction Strategy for Newfoundland and Labrador. This strategy focuses on harnessing and supporting the ambition, talent and passion that youth have to work and live in Newfoundland and Labrador. The strategy has many initiatives that will appeal to employers within the province. As part of the development of this strategy, the province listened to what youth had to say about work. Some of the things they had to say were:

  • Employment is the number one priority for young people in considering their options of where to live and work;
  • Student debt was identified as a factor that influences young people's decisions to leave the province;
  • Youth want access to quality jobs with competitive wages and benefits that will help them pay off their debt after they graduate;
  • Youth want jobs that provide growth and professional development while continuing on their career path;
  • They want to work in environmentally friendly businesses;
  • They want high quality life and healthy lifestyles;
  • They want employers to change their attitudes regarding employing and training young people;
  • They want to be perceived as valuable employees to teach and grow rather than just someone to fill a shift;
  • They want safe workplaces with safety conscious employers who are concerned about workplace safety standards;
  • They want more from employers with regard to career development including training and work opportunities;
  • They think that employer investment in workplace learning is critical to the development of skills and knowledge of the workers in this province;
  • They want better entry level job opportunities.


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