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Considerations of a Diverse Workplace Print

To assist you in creating and maintaining a diverse workplace, this article will help you explore some of the unique aspects and possible considerations associated with a number of underemployed groups. It is important that you remain as open minded as possible and view all individuals as having unique skills, abilities and experiences.


Hiring immigrants is not the complicated process it is thought to be. There is no special process for hiring immigrants who are currently living in the province. Immigrants are permanent residents of Canada and are legally entitled to work in Canada. They represent a large pool of educated working age individuals.

Some of the unique aspects you may encounter when hiring Immigrants are:

  • Lack of Canadian work experience
  • Lack of recognition of foreign education, work experience and professional credentials by professional associations
  • Limited understanding of Canadian work culture
  • Limited understanding of the English language
  • Difficulty matching skilled immigrants into high demand positions

Points you may need to consider when hiring immigrants are:

  • Be aware that a self-managed career may be a new concept for certain cultures. Some individuals may find self-promotion and networking difficult.
  • The provision of a buddy/mentor system for newly hired immigrants may ease the transition into the workplace.
  • Strong role models in management positions will assist in helping immigrants become aware of the workplace expectations.
  • Communication can be affected by cultural factors. For example, in some cultures not making eye contact is a sign of respect.
  • Immigrants may encounter some language barriers. Arrangements may need to be made to help the immigrant worker acquire additional language courses in English. It may also be helpful to explain the meanings of some of the commonly used words and phrases that are unique to the Newfoundland and Labrador culture.
  • It may be beneficial for you to connect with support services and agencies that provide employment services to New Canadians.

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